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Nearly 50 per cent of the UK's energy consumption and carbon emissions arise from the way our buildings are lit, heated and used. Even making a small change to the heating and lighting systems in your property will have an impact on the efficiency of your property and can also reduce your energy bills. See below for further energy saving advice for your home.

Loft insulation

Current regulations recommend having at least 270mm (ten inches) of loft insulation, so it might be worth checking whether you could make your home warmer by topping up levels of loft insulation. You could save up to £150 a year if your loft is uninsulated by installing 270mm of insulation. Topping up existing insulation from 100mm to 270mm can save around £15 a year.

Lighten your load

You can now get LED spotlights that are bright enough to replace halogens, as well as regular energy saving bulbs ('compact fluorescent lamps' or CFLs). They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and fittings.

If the average household replaced all of their remaining old-fashioned bulbs with CFLs, and all of their halogens with LEDs, it would save about £45 a year.

Cavity wall insulation

For homes built after 1920, the chances are that the external walls are made of two layers of brick with a gap or cavity between them. Cavity wall insulation fills that gap, keeping the warmth in to save energy. The average installation cost for cavity wall insulation is between £450 and £500 and can save up to £150 a year. The measure could pay for itself in less than four years.

Source: The Energy Savings Trust.

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